Shining your Light!

Why is it difficult to be authentic and to shine your light? The following are some of the reasons:

·    We’re conditioned to follow a certain set of beliefs set – by our parents, our peers, our teachers, society. So we begin to live what other people tell us.

·    I am not good enough. So if I become authentic, I won’t be liked or loved enough. So we shy away from it. We forget that we’re nature’s greatest miracle. But we hold back because of fear.

·    Scarcity or Vulnerability– If I become authentic, people will know who I am and they will take advantage of me. So I hide who I am; I pretend to be somebody else.

If you let go of all these unnecessary inhibitions, you fly like a bird, you shine like a star, and you bloom like a flower – so natural and so effortless!

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