Finding Kairos

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‘Kairos’ means the right or auspicious moment. Ancient Greece had two words for time, ‘chronos’, meaning chronological time and ‘kairos’, meaning the auspicious moment or moment of truth – the moment when you can change the course of the game; the moment of pivotal action.

But while we can agree that we all experience Kairos, we assume that such moments are few and far apart and moreover we will be lucky to experience them, if at all, on a daily basis.

The truth prevails that this moment is available whenever you want it. Yes, you are surrounded by Kairos. Of course in our lives, we address it by a different name. We call it the present moment.

Come to think of it, you don’t even have to look for it. You are living it, right this very moment. In fact, the entire cosmos is contained in the present moment, in the now. The past is no more and the future is not here yet.

There is nothing else, except the present moment. However, we seldom pay importance to the present moment. We acknowledge its presence only when we see it as a result of our past or as a means to the future.

Nevertheless, the present moment is where all the meaning lies, where all future possibility rests. To deny this moment is to deny life itself.

The Sufis say that if you can grasp the present moment, you can grasp eternity itself. So live this moment intensely, passionately, fully, for it will meet you but once. Make it the primary focus of your life. Plunge headlong into it.

Agreed, it might not always be pleasant but it’s the only thing there is. Everything else is either your memory or your imagination. Once you live this moment to the best of your ability, you will see that the rest of your life starts falling into place as well. After all, your future too is born out of your present moment.

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