Deadlines….friends or foes?

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We all are wary of deadlines. But if there were no deadlines and accountability, it would affect productivity.

Deadlines create a momentum. They push you to complete things which otherwise you would not complete. You are driven to exert a little extra to get the outcome.

The key is the deadline has to be about something important otherwise what is the point. Secondly, it would be a good idea to create deadlines before the real deadline to have a buffer.

When you finish things earlier because of the buffer approach, you would have time to go over things so that you can produce an excellent product or service.

Without the buffer approach, deadlines can create a firefighting situation which is reactionary and counterproductive.

Tips to set achievable deadlines:

1. Track your time – Make a list of your routine tasks and track the time you take to complete them. Now reduce the at time by 10% to begin with and use this to set you daily deadlines. After two weeks, try reducing the time by further 10%. Forcing yourself to make small incremental changes will make you more efficient and your deadlines more achievable

2. Keep your deadlines short: Set your deadlines in the near future, like within the same week or month, and hold yourself to them. Short deadlines keep the goal more present and actionable.If you need to make it even more urgent, set your deadline for today.

3. Break down your major goals into monthly, weekly, daily deadlines.

4. Take help : Use apps to track your deadlines and monitor your progress. Check any of the leading apps available on your smartphone or tab to choose one that comes closest to your working style. and A third party check like the use of an app can be quite useful in goading you on to achieve your deadline.


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