Recording and Writing!

Record and write important things in your life.

Try recording where your time goes for one week, and you will be shocked at how much time gets wasted. Record your focus – or lack thereof – and be ready for a rude awakening on your lack of focus on your core priorities. And, when it comes to feelings, you may find that you have been burying your deepest feelings because you don’t want others to know who you really are, but in the process, you are also unable to know yourself!

Writing creates clarity and moves you towards the reality of your life. Most people think they know what’s going on with their time, focus, and feelings. However, most are way off. Writing can not only be revealing but can actually take your game to the next level.

Other benefits of writing include:

• Allows you to reflect on how you are doing with your goals.
• A place to express your ideas and insights
• Connection with your deeper self
• Boost your immunity

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