Reality versus illusion

Last night, I went to sleep early and woke up for my 4am meditation, and then did some work afterwards. By 8.30am, I was feeling a bit tired and took a power nap, which is very unusual for me to do at that time. I wondered how could I be tired when I had gone to sleep so early. Upon further reflection, I realized that I had gone to sleep at 2.30am on Friday night, and had woken up early as usual and worked the whole day on Friday without resting. Therefore, my fatigue was coming from the late night on Friday, and not the early night on Saturday. 
What is my point from the example above? My point is that we blame things on what seems to be at the surface, but do not go deeper to discover the root cause. This creates a challenge because the problems keep coming back as we have not understood or solved the real problem.
What is the solution? Take time to understand the depth of your problem, and do not jump to conclusions too quickly. This will allow you to solve your problems at a deeper level and minimize the chances of recurrence. 


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