Just do it!

Things will happen in your life when you are inspired to give. Sometimes though, another thought will come to you, telling you of the problems of giving – my spouse will not approve, is this legitimate, maybe I can wait a little. If you decide to back out, nothing will happen, except you will most likely end up not giving to this cause. 
However, if you act on your inspiration and give, you will trigger a series of events that will bring abundance to you far greater than what you gave. How do I know? I have experienced this countless times in my life, to the point that I have conviction in this. It is an amazing reality!
For those who have not tasted the beauty and joy and bounty of giving, they don’t know what they are missing. I invite you to act on the next opportunity you get to give; don’t do it to get something back, just do it for the pleasure and privilege of giving. Just do it, and then experience the power of giving!

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