Contest-Image-for-PostFrancis Ford Coppola got fired several times from The Godfather for racking up what producers considered to be unnecessary expenses. In the men’s room, he heard crew members talking: about the film – “What a piece of junk!”; and about him – “This guy doesn’t know what he’s doing.” He was constantly undermined.

Coppola’s job was salvaged by Marlon Brando, who threatened to quit if Coppola was fired.

The film ended up becoming a cult classic. It was nominated for 11 Oscars, winning three, and on its $6 million budget grossed $101million for Paramount within 18 weeks of release. The studio scrambled to hire him back for the sequels.

Coppola persisted in his vision despite stiff opposition because he believed in it.

What you seek has always been seeking you, even if you haven’t realized it. This is how the universe is designed.

If you’ve spent your entire life blind to this fact, you don’t have to continue staying in the dark anymore. You can sharpen your awareness, commit to your goals and understand that what you truly need is already available to you.

Have you ever experienced this power?

If yes, share with us your experience, an anecdote, or story which made you believe in the fact that what we seek is actually seeking us too. Maybe it was meeting your soulmate, getting your desired job, or realizing a personal dream.

Send us your story in the comments section below this post in 300 words or less.

The 5 best entries will win a free copy of our latest book, “What You Seek is Seeking You’ co-authored by best-selling Authors and Inspirational Speakers, Azim Jamal & Brian Tracy.

Good luck to all of you! We look forward to reading your stories.

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