Practicing the Power of Meditation

Feature Article Image_MayOur universe is born out of the womb of silence. Our potential too is tapped in silence. We awaken to this silence through meditation.

It is hard for most people to awaken their potential because we live in a world consumed by distraction. Distractions burn up our energy and scatter our focus, leading to muddled thinking and poor performance.

Meditation is powerful because it takes you within, away from outside noise. It connects you back to your core where your genius rests. However, you have to experience the power of meditation in order to believe it. Mere knowledge is not enough because knowledge is only a collection of information, but experience forms the bedrock of our reality. In fact, the most precious things in life can never be studied, but have to be experienced to be understood. For instance, it is one thing to read about love and completely another thing to fall in love. The former is knowledge, the latter the experience.

Meditation is no different.

Meditation separates you from your thoughts. It enhances your awareness such that you begin to realize that you are not your thoughts. Eventually this accelerates your understanding of who you really are, not who you think you are.

As you enhance your discipline, you step away from your thoughts and go deeper into the present moment, you begin to expand your canvas of life and sense that everyone and everything is connected to you and vice versa. You are both the microcosm and the macrocosm. The drop is contained in the ocean and the ocean in the drop. In other words, you realize when you hurt others, you hurt yourself, when you inspire others, you inspire yourself.

You immerse yourself in the beauty and bounty of everything around you. You become in the zone – the zone where your creativity and your dynamism are at their highest. You go from thinking to no thinking, from ego to self-awareness, from revenge to forgiveness, from resistance to acceptance, and you stop taking things personally.

That’s when a feeling of gratitude for everything that life brings arises within you, leading to an outpouring of joy, independent of circumstances. You awaken to life as it happens around you and connects you to one and all.

You begin to realize that it is not only you who is missing life, but life is also missing you. For the first time you begin to awaken to your presence, your cause for being in this life.

To summarize, you now know that the world needs you to shine your light, and inspire others to shine theirs.

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