Power of a little extra

A little extra actually goes a lot further than you think – whether it be with a client, family or voluntary service. It is that little extra that makes ordinary become extraordinary, the mundane become special, and the good become great! 
Why do most people short-change that little extra? There are several reasons:

– too many things to do, and needing to jump to the next thing
– not deeply realizing the power of the little extra
– justifying that a little extra is not needed
– feeling the recipient may feel there is an ulterior motive
– being lazy or not disciplined 

However, if you overcome the above excuses and form the powerful habit of adding a little extra, it becomes an excellent differentiation factor and makes you stand apart from your competitors. 
Today, try going a little extra with your spouse or partner, child, colleague, customer or client, and watch the magic unfold! 

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