Our Children

Our son, Tawfiq turned 17 today. The years have gone quickly. We are very grateful for this wonderful gift that we were blessed with. He has brought a lot of joy and happiness to us.

Sometimes as parents we feel we do a lot for our children. That is true. However, what is also true, but subtle, is that they do a lot for us.

Our children provide us the opportunity to nurture them; something deep down we crave. They also provide us friendship, laughter and love.

When Tawfiq is not home for one day, the house seems so quiet and empty.

Our children grow up so fast and move into their own world. My daughter Sahar has finished University and is now working in Toronto away from home. She has been away from home for over four years.

As Khalil Gibran would say: Your children are from you, but they are not yours!

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