Organise your life around Transparency

Organise your life around transparency. It will allow you to stop playing a guessing game with yourself and others around you, which can take up a lot of unnecessary energy. If you are not transparent, you invite others as well to not be transparent with you. People who play convoluted games eventually get lost along the same puzzling paths. 

If there is a challenge you are grappling with, share the challenge appropriately. You will find that others will be feeling the same tension. After all we are interconnected beings, born out of a connection, brought up in a network of connections and then living our lives building up our set of connections.

By sharing your concerns, you ease the tension in yourself and others and build stronger connections.

It’s not easy to be transparent especially if you think being transparent does not help. But once you experience the value of transparency, you will not want to go back.

Transparency takes your discussions to the next level. 

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