The beauty of the calendar is that it often gives you an opportunity to make a fresh start.
Every Sunday you can make a fresh start. If you are in Dubai, it is Friday when you can make a fresh start. So already, you have 52 opportunities during the year to make a new beginning. Then there is the first of every month – there you have another 12 opportunities. Then you have special days – your birthday, your children’s birthdays, your parents’ birthdays, anniversaries and so on. So many opportunities to make an excuse to make a new beginning. 
Why do we need an excuse? No matter how disciplined you are, life can take you away from your goals or core focus. A deadline comes in taking all your energies and putting everything else on a back burner. A short term emergency makes you totally consumed. These incidents can cause you to become imbalanced. Sometimes, it is the opposite – the daily routine makes you become boring and narrow, requiring a shake up to take you away from the rut. 
Whatever the case, it is useful to take stock now and then to ask whether you are living a life that you are proud of, and making a positive difference to one and all – including yourself!

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