When I visit my Dad in the home, I see many old people who had a life full of good memories, trials and tribulations, sadness, joy and success. Life ran by quick for them and before they knew they were old and grey. If we live long enough, it will happen to us too.

What then is the meaning and purpose of life?

– To make every day count
– To savor and count every blessing that comes your way
– To do things that you love doing
– To do meaningful work that makes a difference
– To put family, health, spirituality first
– To sharpen your mental fitness
– To achieve financial freedom so you do not become a burden to anyone and can also give your children a good start
– To not procrastinate happiness
– To have malice toward none and have charity for all
– To touch someone with a smile, a genuine compliment, a loving gesture.

William Arthur Ward beautifully said: “I will walk this path only once so whatever good I can do let me do it for I may not walk this path again.”

Life will run by quick. However, what matters is your moment now. If you are at peace with yourself, doing things described above then these actions become your memory and your life!

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