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“I’ve trusted the still, small voice of intuition my entire life. ” – Oprah Winfrey

You get a hunch and you feel very strongly about it. Then, you get some negative feedback from someone and you give up on the idea. But, why do that?

You may think your hunch was not backed by reasoning or proof, so it has no base. That could be true. Alternatively, your intuition may be spot-on and even more powerful than reasoned analysis.

There is an amazing power within all of us that guides us. Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey and many other highly successful entrepreneurs have all relied on their instincts to make important decisions and it has served them well. Why is that the case? Because they trust their instincts. Steve Jobs said, “Intuition is more powerful than intellect.”

If you do not trust your own intuition, how do you expect others to do so?

Here are some ways to enhance the connection to your intuition:

1. Meditation

If you meditate regularly, you will have a deeper connection to your intuition.

2. Body is aligned with your intuition

Your intuition and body are connected. If your body is feeling uneasy with your intuition it is a red flag.

3. Your values match

Intuition comes from your inner source, thus aligned with your values. If your intuition is suggesting something that does not match your values, then there is something amiss.

4. Feeling vs thinking

The source of your intuition is the heart and it is something you feel. If the source of your intuition is your mind then it is not intuition.

5. Journal and test your hunches

To enhance your trust, test your hunches out a few times. Also, journal these experiences so you can revisit them.

6. Check your energy level

If your energy level gets depleted when you’re around someone, the message is to walk away.

7. Remain present

If you are consumed by the past or the future it will be difficult to invite intuition. Intuition comes to you when you are in the now!

8. What manifestations are you consumed by?

If you keep saying, “I will be a winner no matter what the result” and you truly believe this, then your intuition will guide you to feel like a winner no matter what the result is. Intuition will guide the affirmation of your specific manifestation.

9. Take action pronto

Once you have an intuition, then by dilly-dallying you are indicating mistrust of the message. If all of the above is in place take action pronto!

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