Inner Light!

Each one of us is born with an inner light that reflects the true radiance of our being. This is the light of the ‘authentic you’.  It shines brighter whenever you are authentic to yourself, to your life purpose, to your innate gift. Authenticity is something so natural yet so difficult.

As children, this light of authenticity is fairly evident. It shines through the twinkle of a child‘s eye, in their laughter, their natural exuberance for life.

But with time, you begin to cloud this light with prejudices, beliefs, conditioning, and pursuit of false trappings brought on by parents, teachers, friends, acquaintances, the media, and society.

Over time you forget the real purpose of why you are here and what you need to accomplish. We need to reclaim our authenticity by beginning to walk, talk, and breathe the truth daily, hourly, and moment by moment!

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