Creative Leaders!

In an increasingly volatile and complex world, where there is no one specific roadmap for success, what we need today are creative leaders; leaders who can create and foster an environment to draw out the individual potential of each member of the team.

Over my last two decades of work with global corporations, I have noticed there are certain key qualities that define creative leaders.

Let’s look at some of their qualities:

1. They are authentic – Creative leaders consider all viewpoints, but are able to remain independent of the good or bad opinions of others, relying on their inner wisdom to guide their effort.

2. They draw connections – Nothing in this world is original; rather it is built on the foundation of preceding discoveries or inventions.

3. They value quiet time alone – Big ideas usually make their way when the mind is quiet and creative leader’s value quiet time in their daily life.

4. They are problem solvers – Creative leaders are programmed to look for solutions. For them, a problem is just another opportunity for creating more value and self-development.

5. They are inspired by the love of what they do – Creative leaders constantly seek purpose and meaning in their work. They are passionate about their vision, and this energy inspires others.

6. They take time to nurture their creative space – Creative leaders actively seek out experiences, interactions, and experimentation to spark creative thinking.

7. They challenge the status quo – Creative leaders allow themselves to be curious and open. They are ready to upset the status quo even if it means upsetting a few agendas or vested interest groups. They ask questions, challenge assumptions, imagine unseen possibilities, and are willing to dig deeper.

8. They live in the Now – Creative leaders are dreamers with robust imagination but with their feet planted firmly in the ground.

9. They believe that creativity is a state of mind – Creative leaders believe that anyone and everyone is creative. The only thing needed is self-confidence and the right outlet for expression. 

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