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Ignite your inner SPARK

Manoj Khatri, Editor & Publisher, Complete Wellbeing interviews best-selling author and speaker Azim Jamal about his new book “SPARK: Journey from Success to Significance”

Excerpts from the interview:

Manoj Khatri: Your new book SPARK is in the bookstores now. What is it about and who would benefit from it?
Azim Jamal: The book is for those who are looking for success blended with meaning and significance. And that is possible only when your inner spark is ignited. Someone who embodies the “SPARK” has a spring in their step, a twinkle in their eye, an echo in their voice. Their heart is open and they are glowing with positive energy.

The SPARK has five key ingredients, which are encompassed in the acronym SPARK. S stands for Service, P for Purpose, A for Attraction, R for Resilience, and K for Knowing.

In the book, these principles are illustrated through a fable of a protagonist named Steve Harmon. This story is something that many successful people would relate to, especially those who have realized that their chase for outward and material success has not led to deeper fulfillment. The book will also resonate with those who are still striving for success, by helping them redefine what success really means to them.

Each chapter of the fable is followed by a lesson about the five key principles of SPARK. These principles are modeled by the story and can also be put into the context of the reader’s own life.

There are also reflection questions included after each chapter, which allow you to reflect on your own life. When you ask yourself these questions, you open yourself up to unleash your inner SPARK.

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