How are you spending your time?

As Indians get ready to evaluate how the new Government has performed in the last 100 days, it is probably a good time to reflect on how you have spent your last 100 days as well.

Time is your most precious commodity. Mismanage your time and you won’t reach your potential. You might even cause serious family, career, or spiritual problems. Because your time is limited, when you give some of your time to others, you give a great gift. You are giving a part of your life to someone or some cause. Managing your time well allows you to find the time to give or to give more. With every passing second, you choose how to spend your time.┬áSmall investments of time can make a big difference.

A great way to remind you of the value of time is to take each moment as if you’ve been reprieved from death and given a new lease on life. How would you spend your time?

Ask yourself the following questions about time:

  • Am I spending my time wisely?
  • How much of my daily time goes to insignificant activities?
  • What is one regret I might have when I run out of time and depart from this world? Take some time to ensure that this regret will not manifest itself.
  • If I do value each second, how will my day change?

The following actions can significantly improve your life:

  • For 15 minutes everyday, spend time doing the most important thing in your life.
  • For at least one hour today, spend time with the most important people in your life.
  • Tomorrow, try to allocate your time so that it brings more balance in your life.

Make every second count!

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