Heavy Lifting made Lighter!


Breaking things down, starting early and delegating effectively can be valuable weapons of success.

This morning, I had many calls to make including meetings to attend, family commitments to meet not to mention tons of other work to complete.

I started with an early morning meeting which luckily started late. While waiting for my early meeting, I delegated few of my chores to my team members including getting one to research all the phone numbers I needed. Next, I emailed (while still waiting for my meeting to start) all the people I needed to call; giving them the background information they would need and reason for my call.

After my meeting and driving to work I managed to make several calls (hands-free of course) and caught up on several important discussions.

Now I am a bit early for my next meeting and while waiting for it I am writing my blog.

Midway through the day, I feel much more in control than I started the day. Why?

I took the time to break things down, started early morning, used waiting time well and delegated to the team what I could delegate.

Try that approach next time you have heavy lifting to do.

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