Head vs. Heart

The mind allows us to think, to reason, and to apply our wisdom to make a difference. The heart is where we feel. Through it, we love and use our creativity without inhibition. When we merge education of the mind with the education of the heart, we strike a dynamic balance. We look with “both eyes” – the eye of the heart and the eye of the mind.  We look at life as a whole, realizing that one element affects the other.

Reason without passion is lame, and passion without reason is blind. Reason alone is dull, whereas passion alone can lead to destruction.  When we marry the two, we have wonderful synergy.  Our reasoning protects us from doing silly things.  Our passion gives us the drive to excel and go the distance. Reason draws from the mind, passion from the heart.

We use our head to impress, however, we use our heart to inspire!

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