Have you arrived?

If you knew there was no tomorrow, how would you treat:
– your spouse, partner or close friend?
– your parents?
– your children? 
– your staff, team and clients?
– yourself? 
If you knew there was no tomorrow, what would be most important to you:
– ensuring that your family will be fine without you?
– knowing that the world is a better place because you lived? 
– knowing that you have not hurt anyone without asking for forgiveness? 
– knowing that you have expressed your deep love and appreciation to close ones and people who have helped you?
Would your approach to life, work, family or spirituality change if you knew there was no tomorrow?
When you can go to sleep and say, “I am looking forward to another great day and if I do not wake up, I am eternally grateful for a wonderful gift of life” — you have arrived! 


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