Giving in an uncertain world

Many people are time starved. They are so busy working, commuting, involved.

There is little time for exercise, relaxation, family, self, meditation or financial planning. Stress and dissatisfaction is widespread.

The conventional solution is work hard, work fast and become self-centred.

Is that working? Not really!

There is still lack of fulfillment and happiness. Relationship challenges and negative energy still prevail.

So what is the solution?


The more you give to your family, the better relationships you will have at home. This can invite love and harmony.

The more you give to your colleagues, the better camaraderie you have at work. This enhances your productivity and performance.

The more you give to your customers, the better loyalty you create and ultimately a better bottom line.

The more you give to the community, the better environment you create for you and your family to live in.

The more time you give to others, the less time you need getting things done (because of the help and support you receive from them.)

In addition when you give, you tap into your creativity, innovation and potential.

If you cannot give money, you can give love, hope, laughter, skills, wisdom, ideas, attention and a listening ear.

Also, when you are gentle and give to others, you are also gentle and give to yourself.

The benefits of giving range from security, empowerment and better relationships to good health, longer life and deep happiness.

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