Fresh Perspective to Life!

I met someone today who lost her young father recently (he was in his early sixties).

She told me that her father called her three days before he passed on and spoke for 45 minutes. This was most unusual for him to do so.

He told her:

– to remain positive at all times

– to follow her heart

– to be authentic

– to be impatient (in other words do not wait for perfection before embarking on something). See tight time lines to get into action.

All of the above have been extremely helpful for her since he passed on.

She also shared with me that about 25 years ago when her father had a heart attack and her brother was just born, her father prayed to God to just give him one more year to live, so he can set up his family to raise the new born. He was blessed with 25+ years instead, for which she is very grateful!

The meeting with her was moving and brought about a fresh perspective to life for me.

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