Embracing An Inside-Out Approach

Sufis believe in embracing an inside-out approach, one that builds and operates from a deep sense of internal security and connection. An ethical and principle-centered life is the foundation of this approach. Embracing the ethics of honesty, respect, and love reflects the inside-out approach.

Ethics is the code of conduct we adopt that distinguishes right from wrong. Our ethical code should operate not just at prayer time, but at all times, in all places, and under any circumstances.

Ethical principles are the guiding lights by which we lead our lives. They are the anchors of our own ships. Everything may change around us, but our ethical principles should not. They are what help us to maintain our stability and our groundedness.

Right and wrong are not always easy to discern. What is right? What is wrong? Ultimately, our conscience helps us make those decisions. The Sufis say that a clear conscience is the root of happiness. When we are grounded in ethics and principle-centered living, we remain on a true and straight path, thus not getting lost en route to our destiny.

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