Alignment between personal, family and corporate missions

Aligning personal, family and corporate missions also enhances your ability to implement your gift as well as inspiring others around to do the same.

Encouraging your family members to find their gifts by creating an environment in which they get a chance to find their passion is a wonderful gift you can give to them.

One of our clients hired us to help him and his family create a family vision and mission. After a few meetings with the couple and their two children, they came up with the following mission:

Our family displays unconditional love and trust. TRUST is an acronym for:

T: Trusting that all four of us mean well and wish the family to be a place of love and growth.
R: Respect one another at all times no matter what the circumstances.
U: Understanding to each other’s needs.
S: Supporting one another at all times.
T: Time management so that we can achieve optimum use of our limited time.

It was an exhilarating exercise, and the children felt empowered and important to be part of it. Their problems did not just evaporate after the exercise. That would be too good to be true. However, the family is better equipped to deal with the problems now that they have a clear vision of what they want.

A family mission statement is a powerful way to invite clarity and unity in the family, just as clarity of a company’s mission creates motivation and focus for employees. Both can be aligned to your innate gift and greater purpose in life.

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