Effective Execution!

When you have tons of things to do, you have three choices on how you execute:

– Get cracking and attack one at a time and see where you end up

– Throw the towel

-Execute effectively and efficiently.

The last option is the best one. How do you execute effectively and efficiently?

– Identify the things that are important and prioritize.
– Next, delegate appropriately to your team as much as you can
– Items that have zero or minimal consequences you eliminate or procrastinate. 

Having done the above execute what is left on your plate in order of priority.

Having taken the above approach you are working with fewer items on your plate which have the highest impact. Also, you have been able to use your team effectively by delegating and empowering them. Finally, you have eliminated or procrastinated things that have minimum consequences. This approach to execution is efficient and effective!

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