Do Your Best, Leave the Rest

Watch out for cues the Universe is giving you.  

A few days ago, I was getting prepared to fly to the UK, UAE and Africa for business.  I realized my visa to India expired on Feb 15 but I was slated to arrive there on Mar 2. Normally getting Indian visa takes 7 to10 days but I got mine in 2 working days. After getting clearance from the doctor, I was ready to go. Great, no need to postpone my trip…or so I thought.

 Then a day before my trip, I was taken to emergency with chest pains and stayed there for most of the day. All the tests came out clear, but the doctor recommended that I undergo a stress test – just in case – which he said would not happen till early the following week. All signs pointed to postponing my trip.

 Luckily, I got a call on the morning of my departure to come for the stress test at 10.30 am. I had not yet drunk coffee or tea and so I was able to go for the test right away. If the results are good I could still fly that very day. It has been on again, off again roller coaster.

 Sometimes whatever you do, road blocks come your way and sometimes  you have a green light all the way. Other times there are detours – obstacles and challenges – but also paths that lead you back to your destiny. We need to watch out for cues the Universe is giving us. In any case all you can do is your best and leave the rest!

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