Do you do what you intend to do?

Is what you intend and what you do, in agreement with each other? Are you in congruence with your intentions?

To be congruent means to be in agreement, to harmonize, or to correspond.

When your life is in congruence, anything and everything you do is in harmony or compatibility with your core values and principles.

Intentional congruence means that you intentionally get involved in projects and associations that connect harmoniously with each other and with your overall core values and principles.

Intentional congruence is a purposeful system to maximize your potential through synergy, leverage, and interlocking opportunities.

You know you have it when two or more of your activities and strategies cumulatively create more than either could create separately.

Living a life of congruence invites balance. Everything is connected to the bigger purpose.

You can achieve that congruence by examining the purpose of your life and connecting everything you do to that purpose. Your purpose is at the center of your being and is the source of your security, guidance, and wisdom.

It is important, therefore, to determine what you want to place at the center of your being – what you want to become the source of your core motivation.

The most stable and enduring source is a positive, well-thought-out set of principles by which you choose to live your life. Your principles are based on your values – the most important things in your life.

When your life is people-centered, the important thing to you is what others want. When it’s possession-centered, the important thing is what you have. When it is activity-centered, the important thing is what you do. These are all external sources of motivation.

But when your life is principle-centered, the important thing is who and what you are. Your core motivation lies within you.

The principles we live by determine our character – the essence of who we are.

When you choose an external source of core motivation, you place yourself at the mercy of mood swings, inconsistent behavior, and uncontrollable changes of fortune. When you put principles at the center of your life, you have a solid, unwavering foundation for decision-making.

When we live by our principles, we are being true to ourselves. This is quite different from being self-centered. Self-centered people don’t reach out to others, and don’t concern themselves with others’ interests. They therefore live their lives in emotional isolation, often developing mental-health problems.

By centering your life on valid principles, you create a stable, solid foundation for the development of your life-support factors. You embrace and encompass the truly important areas of your life. Successful relationships, achievement, and financial security will radiate from the principles at your core.

The principles you base your life on should be deep, fundamental truths, classic truths, or generic common denominators. They will become tightly interwoven themes running with exactness, consistency, beauty, and strength through the fabric of your life.

Intentions and desires come from your spiritual nature. Release them to the universe to take over, remembering that the universe knows more about you than you know about yourself. Surrender to its timing. Just as every seed embodies huge potential, so too does every person. Just as the seed must give itself to the fertile ground to reach its potential, so too must we give ourselves to the universe around us. The key is to marry the human mind with the universal mind and to become a conscious decision-maker.

When your inside and outside worlds are in harmony, you are enjoying intentional congruence.

Excerpts from the book, “Life Balance, The Sufi Way” by Azim Jamal & Nido Qubein

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