Dear Azim, What is the single most important goal to attaining a life of happiness and how do I go about achieving it?  

Following your life purpose is to my mind the most important goal to attaining a life of happiness. Your life purpose gives you the opportunity to spread your unique essence in this world.

And existence or creation ensures that we have the opportunity to live our life purpose. Irrespective of our circumstances or life situations, all of us are born with a combination of gifts and talents, which act as catalysts in living our life purpose.

So find out your life purpose. Find out what is that one thing or activity that brings you alive; infuses you with vigour and enthusiasm; makes life seem meaningful. If you are able to articulate this purpose and center your life around it, everything else including happiness, success and fulfillment will follow you on its own.

 And don’t worry if you have not found it yet or are still confused about it. Keep at it with a dogged persistence and very soon you will realise that it is one of the most important steps you can take in your life.
 For example, as a young boy I struggled in science and believed that I was headed for failure in life. But a chance encounter with accounting suddenly made me understand that I had a special ability for numbers and could be a successful accountant. And during the course of leading several successful accounting practices, I found myself drawn to motivational speaking. I realised that I was happiest when I could inspire others to unleash their potential and live fulfilled lives. So my life purpose is to shine my own light and help others shine their own. It is what gives me great happiness and makes each day seem new and full of possibilities.

 So live your life purpose. And remember, living it, is a service to not only you but also to others. Because when you live your life purpose, you inspire others around you too to do the same and we can then all share our unique gifts with each other.

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