5 POWER Commitments to Yourself

The journey toward achieving true success and richness – or business, balance and beyond – is broken down into five practical commitments you must make to yourself. i have embodied these commitments in the word POWER to make it easy to remember. Keep in mind as you read further that your power is not defined by your job title or your income or your status.It is defined by your beliefs, your attitude, your spirit and your actions.

The 5 POWER commitments are:

1. Commitment to the Power of Giving: the more you give, the more you have.

2. Commitment to the Opening Your Innate Gift: open your birthday gift and shine your light.

3. Commitment to Winning Attitude: when you aim high, you reach high.

4. Commitment to Enlightened Persistence: know when to persist and when to exit.

5. Commitment to Rejuvenation: be balanced and be open to the signs the universe gives you.

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