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Create your ‘WOW’ life

Do you find yourself working endlessly, completing tasks, checking off to-do lists, but not quite internalising what it is all for? Do you struggle to connect your daily actions to a greater life purpose?

One of the ways to bring urgency to your life purpose is to imagine what would you like to tell your Creator about your life or what would you like to be written in your obituary.

Looking back, what would be an amazing life well lived for you?

According to an article, titled “A Sister’s Eulogy for Steve Jobs,” Jobs’s last words were “OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW.” For many, they can be viewed as an unvarnished reflection of a life, a final summation.

To bring it home, what would your ‘wow’ life look like? Many people haven’t actually given much thought to what their ‘wow’ life would look like and hence have no clear vision of what they should be aiming for. 

In case you are finding it difficult to imagine your vision, here are four simple steps to define your ‘wow’ life:

Identify Your Birthday Gift:

What are the skills, talents, and expertise that set you apart? Identify your “birthday gift” – that special gift that you were born with, something that you do or offer better than anyone else. This could be a unique skill, a passion, or a combination of qualities that define your excellence.

Specify how your gift will help you and others. How does it solve a problem or fulfil a need? Communicate the unique features, expertise, or approach that make your solution irresistible. Emphasize the positive impact you can bring about.

Define your inner purpose:

What is your inner purpose? Now, this is a question that will take significant inner reflection and time to answer. Answering these questions can help you arrive closer at your inner purpose:

–     What is it that gives you a deep sense of fulfilment, your reason for

–     What are the beliefs and values most important to you? What do you think they say about you? How do they influence your daily actions?

–     What do you care about the most and why?

Remember, a strong inner purpose is the driving force for exceptional outer work.

Keep It Short and Impactful:

Now create a WOW statement that can be delivered in four sentences or less. By keeping it short & succinct, you ensure it is memorable and impactful. Choose words that captivate and inspire, you and convey your value compellingly and concisely. This is also your personal affirmation statement which refreshes your inner belief about your worth every day-  hence make every word count.

Repeat and Reinforce:

Once you have crafted your WOW statement, internalise it. Memorize it and repeat it to yourself first thing every morning and the last thing before you sleep. Reaffirm your unique value and keep it at the forefront of your mind. This repetition helps build confidence and helps guide your outer approach and actions. Let your daily actions, however small, be proof of your personal best. Remember, it is acceptable and normal to fail, but unacceptable to not even try.

Once you find a way to blend your passion, talents, and care for the world, you find a way to create your ‘wow’ life.


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