Ask Azim: How to go from chasing time to being one with it

An old clock on a manuscript paper
An old clock on a manuscript paper

In such a busy world, how can we go from chasing time to being at peace with the time we have?

Both these scenarios, ‘chasing time’ or ‘being at peace with it’, arise only when you are not living in the present moment.

We tend to chase something only when we have missed it. Pursuing the moment after you have missed it is of no use. It simply increases anxiety and draws attention away from what you should be doing in your present moment.

Making peace with time implies that we have not accepted the present moment. Once we accept what is, peace is the automatic result. There is then no outward attempt at creating it. However, acceptance here does not imply passivity. It only means that instead of fighting what is already present we have to look for insights and opportunities to use it to the best of our advantage. For example, suppose somebody is facing bankruptcy, then the normal reaction is fear, humiliation, anxiety, and anger. People spend inordinate amounts of time regretting their past actions or worrying about what will happen in the future. Acceptance means acknowledging the situation as it is without judgement or disapproval and using that moment as a springboard to taking the next best step.

What has this particular moment taught you, what resources do you currently have to manage the situation, what are the next three immediate steps you need to take; are probably questions that will help you to do what’s best.

When we live in the moment with full awareness, then we are able to work with time to meet our goals and the questions of chasing time or making peace with it, become irrelevant.

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