Catch people doing things right

When we see beauty, we are beauty – Anonymous 

When we watch people doing things right and commend them for it, we are noticing and affirming their strengths. Plus by encouraging others in this manner, we can also feel good about ourselves. We find happiness in seeing our recognition and praise help others and ourselves. 

But our society has a tendency to catch people doing things wrong. If we are honest with ourselves, we will notice that trying to point fingers at others is often less an attempt at improving the situation and more a masked desire to build up our own self image. 

But it leads to self-doubt and negativism on both ends. 

Use praise to boost morale. 

When we praise people, it gives them a boost – an energy jump-start. When my son, Tawfiq is cranky, I find that, if I get upset with him, I perpetuate the problem; but, if I focus on his good qualities and positive behavior, he responds with more of that good behavior. 

The law of attraction states that whatever we pay attention to, grows in strength. 

By catching people doing things right, we encourage them to continue this desirable behavior. 

Be specific and sincere in your praise. 

Everyone is positively affected by praise, but praise has to be sincere, not superficial, if it is to have the desired effect. Praise is most effective when it is specific; there is something commendable in everyone. 

No one likes to be criticized, so refrain from criticism for the sake of criticism. It not only does not help the recipient but also is also counterproductive. 

If we must criticize, then it is important to begin with praise. 

It is less hurtful when you say hard words in a gentle manner. 

Encouragement and love can change people’s destinies. 

At work try the approach of catching people doing things right. You will notice their productivity will be enhanced. People will feel more confident about their work and also take your constructive feedback more positively. 

Finally to conclude, the proverb, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, is potent reminder of the fact that what we see in others is nothing but a reflection of ourselves. 

And by catching people doing things right, we not only create happiness in their lives, but also perpetuate our own goodness.



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