Can you bounce back?

Thomas Watson’s circumstances were dramatically changed after he was fired from a good job at National Cash Register – now NCR.  He didn’t let that throw him off balance.  Instead, he founded his own company, International Business Machines.  We now know it as IBM.  And we now know Tom Watson as one of the legends of the business world.

When Lee Iacocca had differences with Henry Ford II, the automotive scion reminded the president of his largest division that the name on the building was Ford, not Iacocca.  Iacocca was out of a job.  The ousted executive didn’t mope.  He took over the presidency of the floundering Chrysler Corp., put it back on its feet, and made a handsome fortune for himself. Both Watson and Iacocca refused to be swept away by change.  Instead, they let change sweep them to success.   
When you embrace change, it loses its sting. You relieve the tension, and it becomes part of your life – something you can manage. You then welcome the change and look forward to it and use it to your own advantage.

How about taking this approach with Covid -19? You may say it is different from what Watson and Iacocca went through. True, however, some fundamentals of bouncing back remain intact.

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