Be a light!

We all feel that we are non-judgmental. The reality is it is very difficult to be non-judgemental.

We all have our biases and prejudices. The only way to be aware of our biases is to catch ourselves in action. When you find someone taking long to order their food and we go in our mind ‘there he or she goes again’ or if you are in a line and someone takes a little longer to conclude a purchase and we say, ‘how long does it take to conclude a simple transaction for God’s sake?’ These are examples of making judgemental remarks.

Not everyone can be like you. Just because people are different from you does not make them objects for judgement.

Acceptance of people the way they are, not the way you want them to be; is the foundation of non-judgement. Not so easy.

Instead of being a judge, try instead being a light!

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