Ask Azim | Q&A (February 2016)

Azim-JamalQUESTION:  I can’t seem to catch a lucky break in business. I try to stay positive and work hard but somehow nothing seems to be working in my favor. What can I do differently?

AZIM:  We attract whatever we focus our sustained attention on. Having said that, there might be several reasons why you are not able to attract the right coincidences or, as you put it, a ‘lucky break’ in business.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to clarify the challenge and get some insights.

  1. Are you chasing the right goal – Many people are chasing somebody else’s goals; they may be our parent’s, spouse’s or peers’ goals. Hence their inner lack of intent manifests itself in non-success. So make sure your goal is something that you actually want. If yes, then check if your desire for your goal is strong enough. Are you doing it because it is something that excites you, brings you alive, is tied into your bigger life purpose? Or is it something you should be doing or are settling for? If it’s not inspired from within, your efforts will not translate into desired results.
  2. Are you setting the right vibrational frequency – Sometimes our doubt or fear of failure overwhelms our efforts at achieving our goals, so even if you are outwardly trying to act positively, your inner fears are short-circuiting your success. This is because when we are fearful, we end up focusing our attention on what should not happen, rather than what should. Being against something always creates resistance and frustration, which further weakens our efforts. The best way to eliminate this fear is to learn to relax and let go once you have articulated your desire clearly, and have made your best effort. One of the best ways to practice letting go is through the daily practice of meditation. Mediation settles your inner chaos, which can then reveal the bigger picture and hidden insights.
  3. Are you letting go – Though letting go seems a simple enough task, many people find it difficult to practice it because to them it means relinquishing control of the situation. The fact is that at best, we can control only our intentions and actions. Everything else is merely the illusion of control. Having said that however, letting go does not arise out of a feeling of helplessness or that you have no other option, but rather through trust in existence; trusting that the outcome you intended is still unfolding or trusting that sometimes some goals are transitory steps along the way to something better.

Hope this helps..

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