Accepting what is happening now and not what you want to be happening is the foundation for tranquility and also clarity of what you need to do to get to your desired outcome.

It is not easy to achieve this even though it may appear so. Catch yourself complaining either vocally or internally and ask: Am I practicing acceptance?

Yesterday, my son and I were going for his important meeting that he was leading. Before leaving home, I asked him, have you got everything you need, he replied Yup!

We had driven few minutes and he said: Oh I forgot the agenda! My initial reaction: you what!? I tried to calm down (took some time to accomplish) and we went back to pick up the agenda and reached the meeting just in time.

Calming down from my initial reaction (even though it was hard to do) resulted in the meeting eventually going well and my son and I sharing an enjoyable dinner after. At the dinner, we could also briefly discuss positively that he needs to plan things better.

If I had reacted adversely to him before the meeting because he forgot his agenda, things could have taken a completely different direction – frustration, energy drain and no dinner together!

Acceptance of what is diffuses the issue giving you the clarity to take action towards your desired goal.

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