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Stress worth it!

Portrait Of Happy Family Sitting On Sofa In at Home

More often than not, the family is a great source of joy, happiness, and support. It is easy to take this support for granted. However, if you imagine life without their assistance you would begin to appreciate the enormous source of encouragement they provide.

There are also those times when everyone in the family needs your attention at the same time, and you find it stressful to cope.

The key to resolving such a challenge is to simply remember the support the family provides you on an ongoing basis and in times of need. This feeling of unity will naturally motivate you to lovingly and willingly return the favour.

Finding a balance can get challenging, especially when you have multiple connections – spouse, children, parents, siblings. However, having these many connections only adds to the bedrock of great support. The alternative, on the other hand, would be loneliness.

If you ask me – I would choose stress and support over loneliness any day!

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