Your Loss!

After a talk on my co-authored book “The Power of Giving” someone from the audience approached me to comment positively on the speech. I asked her my favorite question: “What is your one specific take-home idea from hearing the speech?”.  She replied, “Your quote, – Ask not what you will lose by giving, but rather what will you lose by not giving!”

That, dear friends, is a paradigm shift. Instead of thinking of the time you will lose by doing voluntary work, think of the loss you will incur in not learning leadership and interpersonal skills which volunteering teaches you.

Instead of thinking of the money, you will lose by giving donations,
think of the loss of abundance and attraction you will invite from donating.

Giving is one of the most potent forces in the universe. The more you give, the more you create and innovate. The more you give, the more you tap into your genius and potential. Giving is grace and invites abundance.
Giving is not a burden or an inconvenience.

If you close your fist, you cannot receive. When you open your hand and give, you can also receive. When you stop giving, you stop creating!

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