Your Inner Voice!

There is merit in doing research. It opens your mind to facts that need to be taken into account in your decision-making process. Guidance from mentors, trusted friends and family are also useful in your journey. Therefore, you need to be open to all of them – advice, guidance, and research – to be successful.

Then there is your inner voice, which is constantly speaking to you. This voice cannot be ignored. Sometimes it is aligned to what the research; your friends and family, as well as mentors, are telling you. But sometimes, the two are not completely compatible. If they are aligned you have congruence, which is great! However, if your inner guide is in any way misaligned to the research and mentorship – do not ignore your inner voice.

Your intuition knows the truth aligned to an authentic path. So dig deep to understand why and where there is a discrepancy between the research, guidance, and your inner voice. This deep dive will surely lead you to some powerful insights.

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