Your core offering

You probably have many skills and do many things – whether it is in your profession, business, community or family. 
Therefore, your focus is on many things simultaneously. This gives you a chance to make a living, create a network and keep your family afloat for the most part. You get by. Nothing wrong with this situation – hey, you are working your butt off!
However, unless you focus on your core offering, you will always be average. 
You would assume that most would know what their key skill or offering is – something they can share in one line or one minute. The reality is that most people cannot share that. Even some of the so-called successful people struggle with this. It took me more than a decade to come up with the one line – Corporate Sufi: Business, Balance & Beyond or Corporate Sufi is the harmony of Business, Balance & Beyond. 

Once you clarify that one core offering, you want to go all-out and align everything you do with it. In my case, my newsletter, videos, workbooks, books, coaching philosophy – everything is aligned to Business, Balance & Beyond. This is where traction starts to happen and you attract the clients that need your core offering the most. 

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