Who is a Corporate Sufi?

About 790 people in the developing world are chronically undernourished. Over 2 million children die every year of a preventable disease. Every year, thousands of people die from war, torture or abuse. The current crises in Gaza, Somalia, Ukraine are examples of our lack of understanding and collective responsibility towards the suffering of our fellow beings.

We are all waves of the same ocean, the same cosmic pool. The pain of one affects us all, like ripples in a pond.

It’s time to inject old-world sanity into a 21st century corporate culture of instant gratification and hyper competitive thinking.

It is up to us to pause and exercise our collective responsibility to not only bring economic prosperity but also individual growth, by enabling positive change within us and around us.

I use the term “Sufi” to describe a person who focuses on the essence, is grounded in principles, believes in the power of giving and seeks spiritual abundance.

“Corporate” describes a person who pursues business excellence, is focused on increasing revenue and profit margins, and seeks material abundance.

Together they describe a person who is business-centric, driven and productive, but also heart-centered, principle based and balanced.

The Corporate Sufi takes s a holistic view of life meaning, seeking both material and spiritual abundance to become truly rich.

The Corporate Sufi believes that everyone is blessed with power. Some use it wisely and some don’t; many never use their power at all.

The choice is up to us…

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