What FIFA can Teach You about LIFE

Aim High to Reach High – Costa Rica surprised everybody when they defeated Uruguay 3-1 in the opening match of the Group D and later on went on to defeat Italy. Given that Costa Rica is an unknown World Cup team this came as a shocker to many. Costa Rica proved that aiming BIG is the starting point for all endeavor. Rumi says, “Look at your eyes, they are so small, but they see enormous things.” If you think small, you remain small. Big goals set the wheel in motion, begetting energy and synchronicity. Strategies and roadmaps follow. For Costa Rico they were 1-0 down versus Uruguay but ended up winning 3-1. Against Italy who were regarded as World Cup giants they prevailed and won 1-0.

Be Committed to Winning – Once you decide to commit to something, everything falls in line, whether in football or life. The important thing is to decide. If you are wishy-washy, your energy will get diluted. It almost seemed as if Argentina was going out of the World Cup, as the team headed for penalties against the Swiss. But with his dogged persistence that so characterizes Lionel Messi, he kept on. With just two minutes of extra-time left, he danced through to set up Di Maria’s shot that handed Argentina the 1-0 win. Life is a mirror. When you give out uncertain vibes, you receive uncertainty. A clear direction and action plan sets the wheels in motion.

Bet on yourself like Tim Howard– Though we need the support of others to realize your dreams, we cannot ignore the enormous potential within us. Many of us never utilize our potential simply because we do not believe in our selves or allow the circumstances around us to break our spirit. To this effect, Tim Howard comes to mind. The USA goalkeeper’s pluck and defiance created a record of kinds when he single-handedly kept the underdog Americans in contention in their clash against Belgium, and cemented his spot as the nation’s best-ever keeper. Ask yourself, if I do not believe in myself, who will. If we are going to bet on anyone, let it be on ourselves!

Seeing teams like Belgium, Colombo and Costa Rico reach the quarter finals shows that anything is possible when you aim high and prepare!

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