Are there any words of wisdom on how to live a good life?

My advice is basically founded on three pillars; Business, Balance & Beyond

  1. Business – When you do a thing, pour yourself completely in that task. For example, when listening to someone, give your complete, undivided attention to what they are saying. Simply put, be present to every moment. Bringing totality to all we do concentrates energy and simplifies life. Everything you do then acquires a certain grace and purpose. Learn to identify and focus on a tight set of priorities. If you have too many priorities, you have no priorities!
  2. Balance: Everything in life has a duality, a balance; night and day, winter and summer, sound and silence. Each acquires meaning only in the context of the other. We would not understand darkness if there were no light to offer a contrast. Balance in life is essential to leading a meaningful and fulfilling life; so ensure you engage in a good mix of all that life has to offer, be it work, family or interests.
  3. Beyond – Never lose sight of the big picture. Each one of us is born with a purpose singular and special to our existence. Discover that purpose and nurture it. Don’t just follow others blindly. Their path may not be your path.


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