Timelessness is in you

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“Birth is the first step to death, and death the first step to eternal life.” Sufi Saying

Sufi timelessness means that everything in the past and the future is contained in the here and now. The Sufi never dies because he was never born in the first place. Life and death are one when you are one with God.

This very moment is perfect and powerful — there is no need to wait for another.

Any joy you have ever experienced cannot be experienced twice, because you can never be in the same moment twice. You are the sum total of your past, present, and future. The timelessness in you is your eternal soul and your living memory of all that you have been and will be.

The earth drinks water from the sky, receives sunlight, and gives life to plants and herbs. Animals eat plants, humans eat animals. Eventually, humans are absorbed into the earth. And so the circle of life continues.

We are meant to live life so that, if we fall down, die, and never come back, we will have no regrets. We need to be ready to go when the time comes.

This is a very elevated state to be in, and it is not easy to get there. But nothing worthwhile in life is easy. To be ready for death and to face the Creator, we have to work on ourselves for many years. This is the work of “cleansing” our souls.

Ibn Arabi states, “When you realize the mystery of Oneness with the Divine, you will know that you are no other than God and that you have always been and will always be beyond every time and place.”

(Excerpt from the book, The One Minute Sufi’ by Azim Jamal.)

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