True Path to Transformational Leadership

What makes some among us great leaders, and others admirers who follow their lead? Why does it seem like these leaders possess some type of magic which others don’t? And what makes them so special that they are blessed with a magical ability to make a profound impact and bring about significant change?

I’m sure all of us, at some point, have asked these types of questions about someone we respect and/or revere.

As I’ve shared in the past, every one of us enters this world with our own Birth-day Gift. The unfortunate part is not everyone understands how to open it. Everyone’s gift comes with a unique purpose. A purpose meant to be fulfilled if we so wish to pursue it. However, the problem is not everyone is chasing or maximizing that intended purpose because their true gift remains unopened or unoptimized. Subsequently, along our journey, we face challenges in attracting the best results; overcoming obstacles; and fully tapping into the magic of our insights, wisdom and natural instincts. Which the leaders we admire, do so very well.

The question is how? How do they do it? How do they know what they are born with? How do they maximally deploy the purpose of their existence? How do they assemble and employ their talents in order to live with a constantly illuminated spark that lights their way to reaping the recognition, reverence and returns we would all love to have? In short, how do they become transformational leaders?

Untie the Why

Your Birth-day Gift comes immaculately wrapped with a heart-shaped bow that you have to untie to find your ‘Why’ – the reason you are here. Understanding your ‘why’ is crucial to living out your purpose. Once understood, it will become the reason you get up in the morning. It will be the passion that fuels your ambitions. It will become the beacon that guides you through turbulent times. Not everyone’s ‘why’ needs to be world-changing, rather it need only be significant to your goals, ambitions and sphere of influence.

Fully utilizing your ‘why’ does require a process and practice. For instance, it is not enough to have intentions to serve. No matter how pious your resolve is, following through is a must. Think of it this way – the gift you have been given requires a charge before use. The charge fuels the gift into operation. Once in operation you are in control and can now guide it through its function. Until the function is fulfilled. If the why is left uncharged, inspired action becomes difficult, if not impossible.

Intention Comprehension and Retention

All ‘Whys’ need to get to ‘How’ in order for them to come alive. The link between the two is intention. This intention is the catalyst for sparking your purpose. But living with purpose is a choice that you make every day and it begins with comprehension – setting intentions that align with your values and aspirations. Then retention – intentions that act as a compass, guiding your decisions and actions towards a life that is authentically fulfilling.

Own the Comfort Zone

Our comfort zone is a beautiful prison of our own making. It’s where our fears, uncertainties, and doubts hold us back under the guise of safety. Recognising that you’re in this zone is the first step towards breaking free. It requires honesty to admit that we might be settling for less because it’s easier than facing the unknown. Transformational leaders are not immune to falling into a comfort zone, but rather they are hyper-aware of being there and know exactly how to exit quickly to get back on track. They own this zone. The zone doesn’t own them!

So, how can you identify and exit the comfort zone? The first telltale sign is a feeling of predictability – things are exactly what you expect and everything feels safe. If you find you tend to criticize or protest change and/or reject new ideas, you’re likely in refuge where complaints and repetition are the primary mode of action. To break out of this zone, build your self-confidence, rid your life of excuses and don’t worry about what others say or do – you be you! Then, deal with changes and challenges by acquiring new skills. Finally, commit to growth – find purpose, set new goals and live every moment like it’s your last.

Resilience is Brilliance

The common brilliance shared by all transformational leaders is their strength and resilience. We often admire these leaders’ lives after they have reached the precipice. However, the path to living with purpose, impact and significance is far from linear. It’s fraught with challenges, setbacks, and moments of doubt. Through all of it, transformational leaders are masters of adaptability, flexibility and opportunity, and this allows them to withstand tribulations and persist towards achieving their goals.

Remember, resilience is not inherent; it’s formed through overcoming barriers. It is built by taking many small but affirmative actions consciously and consistently. Over time, these deliberate actions of reflection, assessment, learning, growing and cultivating relationships become the building blocks to true success infused with significance.

To conclude, great leaders are not magicians. They are sages who seek truth and transformation through vision, variation and innovation. They consciously live, work and play with purpose, never settling for a life of mediocrity. They make courageous decisions that transform the mundane into the extraordinary. It’s this type of commitment to pursuing what truly matters, embracing the uncertainties and challenges that come with it, and living a life of meaning that makes them revolutionary.

Now is your time for transformation. Your time to make choices that reflect who you are and who you aspire to be. If you are ready to embark on this journey of liberation I invite you to join me as I guide you through an exciting opportunity that will take us to new heights together.

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