Tools for Communication?

My wife Farzana and I were at a resort for about 36 hours (1.5 days) and it seemed like eternity! We communicated more than we would do in a month or two. At the resort you could not use the phone or have access to email. It was an amazing experience, We have decided to have this ritual at least once a month when I am in town.
In my latest book Business, Balance & Beyond, I recommend the “Power of the Hour” where you spend one uninterrupted hour at work every day. This hour is for reflection and to give you the perspective for the day – to take you from ‘human doing’ to becoming a ‘human being’. In the fast paced world everyone is running so fast that we are not necessarily effective or even efficient.
Phones and emails are great tools for communication. However, if not used wisely they become great tools for lack of real communication!

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