The potent combo of excellence & Confidence

Excellence gives us the confidence we need to achieve balance. Confidence comes from competence and excellence, not just from positive thinking. It comes from knowledge, skills, and experience. It comes from the people you keep company with, television programs you watch, books you read, and CDs you listen to.

Confidence leads to commitment; commitment means that you will get the job done without excuses.

If education is expensive, ignorance can cost you more. Invest in education, for it is worth the cost.

“When it comes to the seduction of total commitment, yield,” advised Dr. Joyce Brothers, psychologist, author, and television personality.

Some principles for achieving life balance and lifelong learning:

1. Excellence and life balance comes from lifelong learning.

2. It is much easier to be balanced and to excel than to be unbalanced and mediocre.

3. Achieving balance and balance is a game of inches and going the extra mile. Expand your capacity and achieve excellence.

4. Excellence means being the best you can be – with passion.

5. Excellence and Life Balance result from choices.

6. Seek to learn from your elders and from your role models.

7. Excellence is a habit.

8. Excellence is a competency.

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