The Moment!

Being in the moment, the now implies being alert and responsive to every moment. However, this approach might seem difficult for some, for it would mean relinquishing control of the future and exposing themselves to uncertainty. On the other hand, living according to a regimented plan could curb your natural spontaneity and creativity.

How do we decide when to be spontaneous or when to stick with our plans?

The Sufi knows that life is evolving every moment. So the real question is not about choosing between being spontaneous or following a plan, but identifying whether your action in that moment stems from your center or outside of it, from spontaneity or impulsiveness.

Spontaneity means acting naturally and effortlessly. Spontaneous energy is rooted in your very center of being.

For example, your four-year-old playfully splashes water on you and is looking forward to your response with an air of innocent amusement. One option is to reprimand and lecture him on good behavior and then get back to cleaning up the mess. The other option sees the bigger picture, i.e., looks beyond his act to understand his desire to engage with you. When a spontaneous person responds to the moment, he or she is accepting complete responsibility for that moment and is open to the interesting possibilities of life. Spontaneous action generally leaves you feeling joyful, liberated, and full of gratitude for life.

But when our behavior does not arise from within us or is superficial, it becomes a reaction rather than a response.

For example, during a fight, you get caught up in the heat of the moment and say many things, which you regret later. Driving rashly, speaking rudely or indulging in repetitive mindless tasks are examples of impulsive behaviors.

Impulsiveness is rooted in the ego (the false outer image of the self), driven by our baser instincts, and accompanied by guilt, regrets, or misery. 

When you are in the now, your memories don’t pull you back, and your future expectations no longer confine you to a limited set of possibilities.

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