The benefits of giving are continuous

Giving sets off a chain of events. The more you give, the more you create.

A cow needs to give its milk before it can produce more milk. A sheep needs to be sheared so it can produce more wool.

But when a tree produces fruit that no one takes, the fruit falls down and rots. When the river stops flowing, it stagnates. When you stop giving, you stop creating.

The clouds serve when they open up and supply rain, which is essential for the survival of crops and other vegetation. A candle ignites another flame without losing any of its own light. Flowers give their fragrance to every passerby and are admired for their beauty and elegance.

If you close your fist, you cannot receive. When you open your hand and give, you can also receive. When you stop giving, you stop receiving.

Human beings need to give in order to achieve meaning and purpose.

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